Essential Mask Brace

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The quarter method! Place a US quarter (or equivalent) next to the bridge of your nose, and follow the guide to pick your best match. If you have a large jaw, or you are between sizes, size up!

If you have a large jaw or are in between sizes, we recommend sizing up.
UK: A 10p coin is 24.55mm, about 0.29mm larger than a US quarter.
Europe: The Euro 50 cents coin is nearly identical to US quarter.
Australia: The $1 Australian coin (25mm) is about 0.8mm larger than the US quarter.

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We've found a company that has created larger masks! They can be found here!

We are not partners of Herogard, and we do not accept any payment for recommendations of any kind. We also cannot guarantee the filtration efficiency of any of their products. That said, in the several independent tests that we've done from ordering masks at random from their website, we've found that their product yields consistently high filtration efficiencies.


The best tip for eliminating nose leakage with the V2.0 design is to have the edge of the seal make as vertical a line as possible against the nose. See images below. Note the nose gap shadow in the image on the left versus the image on the right.

That said, in some cases, we found that nose cushions were required to completely eliminate the nose leakage. This can be in the form of paper towels, cotton balls, etc.

The nose cushions do look a little silly, so we've also worked hard to update the design to something more comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. We're now pleased to offer the Essential Mask Brace!

More on masks

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We, too, are environmentally conscious and aren't huge fans of the impact that disposable masks are having on the environment.

That said, unfortunately we have not found a consistently well filtering reusable mask yet. Another big part of why melt blown fabric is better than cloth is due to its electrostatic charge, which is something that is added during the manufacturing process. Once washed, the charge dissipates and it can reduce the efficacy of the mask substantially. We've looked into the research of how to recharge masks, but unfortunately we haven't found any ways to do so reliably. Rest assured that we are scouring the latest journals and technology posts for any inclination of new technology, and we will inform our community as soon as we find anything promising.
The FDA states that "surgical masks are not intended to be used more than once. If your mask is damaged or soiled, or if breathing through the mask becomes difficult, you should remove the face mask, discard it safely, and replace it with a new one."