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CDC recommends use of mask braces.

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What people are saying

This product is a godsend. We went down the N95 road, but the fit test and fit check was very cumbersome and challenging, let alone getting enough respirators. Your Product is perfect.

Peter Nazzal, director of Homeless Shelter at CCSWW

I have been researching masks since the pandemic started. The Essential Brace is the answer to a better fitting and therefore more protective mask. A simple, elegant, and effective solution. I feel a much greater level of protection when using it.

Dr. Ira M. Wendroff, Dentist

As they advertised, this keeps your glasses from fogging. One other surprise thing. You breathe easier wearing the braced mask. Something about the snug fit causes your mouth and nose to ajdust to the mask material much sooner and you just flat out breathe easier.

Teacher, Kickstarter Backer

I'm so happy with them! Thank you! They fit much more comfortably than the 2.0 braces that I made. I just wore them around the house for 8 hours today and I didn't have any issues with it being too tight or falling off.

Teacher, Kickstarter Backer

"I love that I can speak through it. I go back and forth using a Montana mask which is very hard for people to hear me. After using a restrictive mask for so long and then switching back to a level 3 with a face brace I almost feel naked using this mask."

Daniel W., Registered Dental Hygenist

While wearing the essential brace, I feel way more comfortable. For two reasons; 1 I feel as though the seal is more effective than with a K/N95, and also I am able to remove the ear loops from a surgical mask, that bite into my ears over time. I have worn the essential brace for 10-12 straight with no discomfort. Its really the only thing out there that fits my face, and provides the level of protection that I am looking for.

David M., Fulfillment Center

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