Create a tight seal for your surgical mask.

the fix.

Download the design

Why seal your ASTM-level surgical mask?

ASTM-level surgical masks have a sub-micron particulate filtration efficiency of 0.1 microns is ≥95%. The problem is, they don’t seal tightly to the wearer's face. That puts the wearer at risk of exposure COVID-19. We designed two solutions making surgical masks even better - one immediate and one mass manufacturable, single piece, and easy to clean.

Who can make it?

Anyone with 40A, 1/32” rubber sheet and scissors
Small Scale: water jet cutting, compression molding
Large Scale Fabrication Shop: die cutting, LSR, injection molding

Open source.

We wanted to provide better masks to everyone. Which is why we’re releasing an open source design of the surgical mask brace — so that anyone in the world can make it.


Easy to clean
Put on and take off in just seconds
Comfortable on the nose, jaw, and ears
Robust and reusable
Compatible with surgical masks and N95s (even those with old elastics or in poor shape after re-use)

I have 3 rubber bands

What you need to make a DIY brace

3 rubber bands
1 ASTM level surgical mask