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What people are saying

While wearing the essential brace, I feel way more comfortable. For two reasons; 1 I feel as though the seal is more effective than with a K/N95, and also I am able to remove the ear loops from a surgical mask, that bite into my ears over time. I have worn the essential brace for 10-12 straight with no discomfort. Its really the only thing out there that fits my face, and provides the level of protection that I am looking for.

David M., Fulfillment Center

"I love that I can speak through it. I go back and forth using a Montana mask which is very hard for people to hear me. After using a restrictive mask for so long and then switching back to a level 3 with a face brace I almost feel naked using this mask."

Daniel W., Registered Dental Hygenist

I have been researching masks since the pandemic started. The Essential Brace is the answer to a better fitting and therefore more protective mask. A simple, elegant, and effective solution. I feel a much greater level of protection when using it.

Dr. Ira M. Wendroff, Dentist

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